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We are The Canadian Film & Talent Exchange (CFTE). We develop and promote talent for the Arts & Entertainment industry.

The Canadian Film Exchange is an independent entertainment company based in the Greater Toronto Area founded by Dwight Schiffner in 2005.

Talent Searching

We help advertisers, film makers, photographers and entertainers hire the best talent.

Talent Grooming

We help aspiring models, actors & entertainers to unravel and unleash their true potential.

Talent Showcasing

We help our talent find work not only in traditional areas but also in new emerging platforms.

The Canadian Film Exchange (CFE)

The CFE will serve as an umbrella organization catering to the searching, grooming and showcasing of our artists, to further their personal and commercial goals.

The CFE Vision

Future Goals

Providing a holistic approach for the betterment of community, families, schools and the individual through non-profit projects.


Family Counselling

The family counseling resort will support families that are experiencing domestic issues. The counselors will help them come to critical and pertinent resolutions to resolving their family and personal issues.

Community Vision

Community Vision Inc. is a Cause Related Marketing Company specializing in family and youth oriented e vents and entertainment. We recruit, train, develop and market multi-cultural talents from various sections of the community. Community Vision is a relationship-building oriented company with services designed to build bridges between charitable organizations, corporate sponsors/advertisers and public agencies.

The Block

The Block is a cast of diverse residency, where neighbors create an artistic Mecca staged loosely around "the stoop." The varied lead cast brings fresh and experienced eyes from all avenues of the arts. Examining the entertainment industry and the hurdles that stand in the way of sincerely talented artists, the show will create a forum for conversation, bringing industry themed issues to a forefront. It will also act as a platform for breathtaking performances starring newcomers and industry legends alike. Featuring captivating segments of real life experiences of untapped and overlooked artists, as well as the heart-warming stories of successes along the way, the show will offer a spectrum of emotions audiences will relate to and return to weekly. A seamless visual showcase of life in the entertainment industry, The Block will deliver a showcase as never before seen.

Production Complex

CFE will provide a one stop shop experience for all talent and agencies in the arts and entertainment industry. Every division serves the whole production house, clients and community.

Should We Be There?

If there is an event, function, someone or something we should meet or see, let us know.

Tools of The Craft

We will empower you, the artist, with the tools of the trade to help you get noticed. You are your own company. We will help you with your marketing tools.

  • music videos
  • demo reels
  • video folios
  • head shots
  • portfolios
  • album cover shots
How Can you Help

Investor, donation or sponsor information available upon request.

Vision Beyond A Dream

Let's practice group economics, networking together and building our community. By pooling our resources, we can build a foundation for a better future and a greater opportunity for success.

Let's build our community and grow together by keeping your dreams alive.

CFE: your one stop shop (even to the next generation).

See you at the top.

Testimonials Our clients talk the talk!

Dwight…established himself as having extraordinary courage and conviction…that quickly recognized his great promise and abilities as a performer. Working with Dwight has been a rewarding experience, and I feel confident in guaranteeing that it will be for you as well. Colin Taylor, Artistic Director
Theatre WUM
A talented actor who shows great potential for a promising future..Dwight showed commitment and enthusiasm ..As such I have casted him in “ALA-ALA”, a second production….his versatility is clearly evident. Diana Tso, Artistic Director
I was very pleased with the quality and the caliber of your work..the video turned out to be a first-class product. Thanks again for your contribution, time and dedication. Diane Lapointe-Kay, Promotions Supervisor (Recreation and Parks Department)
City of Mississauga
Talent Without A Plan
Is Just A Wish

Art and Entertainment
Trivia & Interests

Our Mission Is To Search, Develop & Promote

The Canadian Film Exchange (CFE) is an independent entertainment company based in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada. CFE was founded by Dwight Schiffner in 2005.

Music Quiz

David Bowie changed his last name (to Bowie) so that he wouldn't be confused with a member of which group that had the same one?

Future of Canadian Film Exchange

Though CFE is launching on a small scale, it has many visions to grow and expand so it can be successful and prosperous. The following is a list of long term goals CFE wishes to execute in the future:

Movie Trivia

  1. Die Hard originated from the failed script of Commando

  2. Samuel L. Jackson demanded that the studio keep Snakes on a Plane as the title because it was the only reason he accepted the role.

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Telephone: +1 (416) 893 5189, (647) 428 4142

Fax: +1 (905) 216 6280

Email: info@cfex.ca

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Address: 57 Brickyard Way, Unit 120, Brampton ON L6V 4M3

Telephone: +1 (416) 893 5189, (647) 428 4142

Fax: +1 (905) 216 6280

Email: info@cfex.ca